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Reginald 'Reggie' Ledoux
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General Information
Gender Male
Age 35 (1995)
Hair color Blonde
Status Deceased
Manner of Death Shot in the head by Martin Hart
Family & Friends
Family Dewall Ledoux (brother, deceased)
Jimmy Ledoux (cousin)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Methamphetamine cook
Other Information
Address Ledoux compound
Series Information
Season 1
First episode The Locked Room
Last episode The Secret Fate of All Life
Portrayer Charles Halford

Reginald 'Reggie' Ledoux is a methamphetamine cook for the Iron Crusaders biker gang, a former cellmate of Charlie Lange, and a focal point of Cohle and Hart's investigation.


Ledoux was noted by Charlie Lange, who was his cellmate for a time at Louisiana State Penitentiary, as being a man of massive frame as well as having intellectual prowess, which his might have used to intimidate other inmates. Lange also mentioned how Ledoux would always spout "crazy shit" to other convicts. However, also according to Charlie "he was so big nobody ever told him to shut the fuck up".

Ledoux is also an expert chemist, as he spends his time manufacturing crystal meth and lysergic acid for the biker gang the Iron Crusaders. He was also apparently able to remove toxins and make a low level drug out of cooking oil while in Angola.

His other interests are not known, as his only dialogue in "The Secret Fate of All Life", and the entire series concerns the mythos of Carcosa and the Yellow King.

Reggie Ledoux was a garden-variety anti-social personality i.e., reprobate white-trash, kind of street-smart, but in the wrong ways for getting along legally in American society.

After his stint in Angola Prison in LA, Reggie went off of the detectable grid both mentally and socially in the underbelly of the Bayou belt. Periodic hurricanes and tropical storms wash a lot of lead stink and crime off of the pavement with a history of scant law enforcement. A colorful 6'8" lad to steer clear of on a good day.


True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Spiral Reggie 01

Spiral brand

  • Reggie has a spiral brand on his back similar to the markings left on at least two of the victims. Reggie apparently told Charlie that this symbol is the "sign" of the satanic cult Ledeux is/was involved with.

That spiral tattoos and skin branding represents the flat circularity of time believed by the local Yellow King cult and several religions across the world.

Time is only a mental construction of human convenience; it is both linear and circular, in a relative way, depending on your gravitational dynamics and limited sensory perception. Our obsession with watches and clocks delude us otherwise in the known universe.

The experience of time can be with or without external or internal rules. Without rules lends to the thrill of power and control over hapless victims along the way. At the end, many were apparently glad that the burden of living and suffering was over, just as Rust learned in the unsolved DB files. Last looks, however, can be deceiving too.

As the tale goes, Reggie, Miles, Errol and select miscreant locals came to believe that 'what goes around, comes around' again and again and again. Humans continue to struggle with the same developmental problems as always i.e., an anxiety-ridden undetermined lifespan, happenstance, and the will or luck to survive whatever comes. Who said that your random experiences were mainly due to scant reasoning and free-will? Hardly the case.

A person's amount of time on the planet may be clipped of course, if one runs into predatory creatures like Reggie, Miles, Errol, and the Iron Crusader clowns who turned their backs on civilized conduct and human decency many moons ago. Too much "good kill'in" and sacrificing to let go to waste around Erath and other soggy haunts of southern LA.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "It's time isn't it?"
  • "The black stars rise."
  • "I know what happens next, I saw you in my dream. You're in Carcosa now, with me. He sees you."
  • "You'll do this again... Time is a flat circle."



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