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Reginald 'Reggie' Ledoux
True-Detective-Wikia Reggie-Ledoux Infobox 01
General Information
Gender Male
Age 35 (1995)
Hair color Blonde
Status Deceased
Manner of Death Shot in the head by Martin Hart
Family & Friends
Family Dewall Ledoux (cousin, deceased)
Jimmy Ledoux (father's second cousin)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Methamphetamine cook
Other Information
Address Ledoux compound
Series Information
Season 1
First episode The Locked Room
Last episode The Secret Fate of All Life
Portrayer Charles Halford

Reginald 'Reggie' Ledoux was a methamphetamine cook for the Eastern Texas Iron Crusaders biker gang, a former cellmate of Charlie Lange, a former/current member of the Tuttle cult, Errol Childress' partner-in-murder and a focal point of Cohle and Hart's investigation in the Dora Lange murder case.


Ledoux was noted by Charlie Lange, who was his cellmate for a time at Louisiana State Penitentiary, as being a man of massive frame as well as having intellectual prowess, which he might have used to intimidate other inmates from messing with him. Lange also mentioned how Ledoux would always spout "crazy shit" to other convicts. However, also according to Charlie "he was so big nobody ever told him to shut the fuck up".

Ledoux is also an expert chemist, as he spends his time manufacturing crystal meth and lysergic acid for the biker gang the Iron Crusaders. He was also apparently able to remove toxins and make a low level drug out of cooking oil while in Avoyelles.

His other interests are not known, as his only dialogue in "The Secret Fate of All Life", and the entire series concerns the mythos of Carcosa and the Yellow King. Reggie Ledoux was a garden-variety anti-social personality i.e., reprobate white-trash, kind of street-smart, but in the wrong ways for getting along legally in American society.

After his stint in Angola Prison in LA, Reggie went off of the detectable grid both mentally and socially in the underbelly of the Bayou belt. Periodic hurricanes and tropical storms wash a lot of lead stink and crime off of the pavement with a history of scant law enforcement. A colorful 6'8" lad to steer clear of on a good day.


True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Spiral Reggie 01

Spiral brand

  • Reggie has a spiral brand on his back similar to the markings left on at least two of the victims. Reggie apparently told Charlie that this symbol is the "sign" of the satanic cult Ledeux is/was involved with.

That spiral tattoos and skin branding represents the flat circularity of time believed by the local Yellow King cult and several religions across the world.

Time is only a mental construction of human convenience; it is both linear and circular, in a relative way, depending on your gravitational dynamics and limited sensory perception. Our obsession with watches and clocks delude us otherwise in the known universe.

The experience of time can be with or without external or internal rules. Without rules lends to the thrill of power and control over hapless victims along the way. At the end, many were apparently glad that the burden of living and suffering was over, just as Rust learned in the unsolved DB files. Last looks, however, can be deceiving too.

As the tale goes, Reggie, Miles, Errol and select miscreant locals came to believe that 'what goes around, comes around' again and again and again. Humans continue to struggle with the same developmental problems as always i.e., an anxiety-ridden undetermined lifespan, happenstance, and the will or luck to survive whatever comes. Who said that your random experiences were mainly due to scant reasoning and free-will? Hardly the case.

A person's amount of time on the planet may be clipped of course, if one runs into predatory creatures like Reggie, Miles, Errol, and the Iron Crusader clowns who turned their backs on civilized conduct and human decency many moons ago. Too much "good kill'in" and sacrificing to let go to waste around Erath and other soggy haunts of southern LA.

Season 1Edit

In 1995, Martin Hart and Rust Cohle investigate the death of Dora Lange. They locate the pastor of the burnt-down church, evangelist Joel Theriot, learning that Dora Lange was often seen with a tall man with facial scarring, and begin searching for him while being pressured to turn the case over to the task force. Cohle goes through dead body files in search of cases similar to Lange and learns of Rianne Olivier, a supposed accidental death that shared elements with Lange's murder. They learn through Olivier's grandfather that she attended Light of Way Academy, a defunct religious school owned by Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle, before running off with her boyfriend Reggie Ledoux.

The detectives follow their lead to the school, where Cohle starts to interview a caretaker on a riding lawnmower. Before he can investigate further, Hart receives a records check that reveals that Ledoux has skipped parole and was a former cellmate of Lange's ex-husband, Charlie. They immediately head out to question Charlie Lange again. Hart and Cohle then put out an APB on Ledoux, while elsewhere a tall man wearing only underwear and a gas mask is seen wandering a remote bayou compound wielding a machete.

Hart and Cohle interrogate Charlie Lange again for information about Ledoux, his former cellmate. Lange informs them that he showed pictures of Dora to Ledoux and identifies a known associate, Tyrone Weem, as a lead. Lange also tells the detectives that Ledoux told him about a group of rich men who would get together for "devil worship" involving sacrifices of women and children. Hart tracks down Weem at a warehouse rave and forces him to name the East Texas biker gang Ledoux is now cooking meth for, the Iron Crusaders. Cohle, who previously worked with the gang while undercover, takes "sick leave" to infiltrate the gang, giving the excuse that he needs to visit his dying father. Meanwhile, Lisa spitefully tells Maggie everything about her affair with Hart, who returns home to find his family gone and his bags packed. He tries to talk to Maggie at her workplace and is confronted by security officers before Cohle arrives to take him away. Cohle hits the Iron Crusaders hangout masquerading as former security for a Mexican cartel breaking away on his own, using high-grade cocaine taken from the police evidence room to back up his claim. He negotiates with his contact Ginger that if given a commitment to back a deal with the gang's meth producer, Cohle will help Ginger rob a stash house in the projects. Disguised as police, they rob the stash house, shooting one of the residents, and stir up the neighborhood's inhabitants in the process, resulting in an outbreak of gunfire and chaos. With the actual police on their way, Cohle holds Ginger at gunpoint as they escape the house and make their way through the projects. Cohle contacts Hart who collects them from the scene as the police arrive.


Eventually, Ginger and Cohle (still undercover) meet with DeWall Ledoux, Reggie's cousin and cook partner, in a roadside bar. DeWall refuses to do a drug deal with Cohle, but after DeWall leaves, Hart follows him. Hart radios his location to Cohle and the pair meet up near the hidden meth lab in the bayou, where Cohle leads the way through brush, avoiding hidden explosive booby traps rigged to kill unwary intruders. The pair descend on the house where Hart apprehends Reggie and handcuffs him. Cohle draws down on DeWall, who has just stepped out of the meth lab, as Hart is searching the premises, coming across two kidnapped and abused children, one of them dead. Horrified and shocked, Hart in a blind rage steps out of the cabin and shoots Ledoux in the head, instantly killing him. DeWall himself panics and flees but is killed when he detonates one of the booby traps he and Ledoux set up for intruders.

Hart removes the handcuffs from the dead Ledoux and Cohle sprays the yard with bullets from an AK to give the appearance that a shootout had taken place and in order to cover up the real events that took place.


In 2002, Cohle, a renowned interrogator, is brought in to get a confession out of a robber accused of murdering two people in a pharmacy while high on PCP. After confessing, the prisoner begs for a deal from Cohle, declaring that while Reggie Ledoux did kill some of the missing girls-- there was another person besides him and DeWall and he is still killing. He claims he himself met the "Yellow King," information withheld from the public in the Dora Lange case, and that people high up know about the killer. Cohle beats the man, demanding "a name," but is restrained by other detectives. He returns later with Hart to find that the prisoner has killed himself in his cell after receiving a phone call (purportedly from his lawyer) made from a public pay phone out in the middle of nowhere. Cohle returns to the abandoned religious school, where he finds dozens of stick sculptures, and drawings and black stars on the walls.

Cohle investigates on his own a series of old missing persons cases, linking the victims to the Tuttle schools. He seeks out Theriot, who has since quit the ministry and become a drunk, to ask about Wellspring, a defunct foundation that financed the rural schools while Theriot was a seminarian at the college Tuttle established. Theriot claims that Wellspring covered up child molestation scandals and implies that he was intimidated into silence after being questioned in 1995. Cohle tries to interview Kelly, Ledoux's surviving victim in 1995 and institutionalized with regressive catatonia, to ask her if a third man was involved with her abduction. She describes a giant man with scars, and begins screaming when Cohle asks about the man's face. Despite being ordered to stop his investigations, Cohle meets with Tuttle, ostensibly seeking the names of former Wellspring employees but actually fishing for reactions from him. Tuttle complains to the department, misrepresenting the nature of the meeting. Cohle cites this as proof of Tuttle's culpability, but is suspended from duty anyway.

In 2012, Cohle prods a disinclined Hart to assist him in finding the man with the facial scars by reminding Hart that he, in addition to Cohle, owes a moral debt for what actually took place in 1995 and chastises him for killing Ledoux as they would have catched the still-not caught remaining killer. He takes Hart to a makeshift office in a self storage facility where he convinces him of the existence of a cult that mixes elements of the courir de Mardi Gras, santería and voudon in its rites and shows him evidence he has compiled linking Tuttle, Ledoux and possibly others in the disappearances of dozens of women and children going back to the 1980s. Cohle admits burgling Tuttle's homes to obtain proof of his complicity, including photographs and a videotape of the ritualistic sacrifice of Marie Fontenot years ago. However he denies killing Tuttle, speculating that others believed Tuttle was going to be blackmailed over the videotape and killed him to prevent it. Hart finds a Ledoux relative who confirms that Reggie and DeWall were connected to the man with scars, and locates a former domestic who worked for Tuttle's father Sam when they still lived in Vermilion Parish. She recalls a scarred boy who was one of Sam Tuttle's illegitimate grandchildren from his "other" family, named Childress. Hart also discovers that the Vermilion Parish deputy originally handling the Fontenot disappearance was Hart's old friend (and Cohle's antagonist) Steve Geraci, who concealed the fact in 1995 and has since gone on to become a parish sheriff. Feeling out Geraci, Hart concludes that a coverup of Marie Fontenot's abduction was engineered by then-Vermilion Parish Sheriff Ted Childress.

Eventually, Cohle and Hart discover the home of their killer who is Errol Childress, the scarred man. Errol flees and is pursued by Cohle into a large overgrown labyrinthine structure in the woods - Carcosa. Hart shoots Childress just as he stabs Rust in the stomach and lifts him off of the ground but lets him go after he headbutts him, but the shots are not enough to keep the serial killer from throwing a hatchet into Hart's chest. As Errol is about to deliver a death blow to Hart with the hatchet, Cohle shoots Childress in the head, killing him. Papania and Gilbough, who were called to the scene by Hart, arrive with backup and find the half-sister handcuffed in the house, and Hart clinging to the unconscious, critically wounded Cohle, in Carcosa.

After a long stay in the hospital, both men manage to recover from their wounds. The police have been able to find enough evidence to connect Errol to the murder of Dora Lange and dozens of others, including the modern day murders. However, they are unable to find anything linking Errol, Carcosa, Reggie and DeWall to the Tuttles, who escape prosecution.


  • Dora Lange (shared with Errol Childress)
  • Kelly's companion
  • Rianne Olivier (shared with Errol Childress)
  • Dozens of women and children

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "It's time isn't it?"
  • "The black stars rise."
  • "I know what happens next, I saw you in my dream. You're in Carcosa now, with me. He sees you."
  • "You'll do this again... Time is a flat circle."



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